Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Energy bar experiment

I spend way too much money on energy bars. In fact, I pretty much eat one a day. Each one costs about $2. So, that's $14/week, $728/year just on energy bars! Gah! I suppose I could be spending on worse things, like chocolate bars, chips, pop, etc. Anyways, so I decided to try lower-cost alternatives. I bought some shoppers drug mart Life brand energy bars yesterday...peanut butter chocolate and mocha. I ate one this morning before my treadmill run....naaaaaasty. However, it did keep me going through my 45min, 6.5km workout (yes, it's not even 7 am and I have run already...I am obsessed).

I usually eat Clif bars. Those are awesome. They taste pretty good and are a real energy boost. I switched to Luna bars (also made by Clif) for a lower-calorie alternative when I am doing shorter runs (45 min or less). I don't care much for regular Powerbars, but I don't mind the Pria Powerbar. Been eating a lot of those lately. Vector bars are cheaper, about $1 each, but they only have 2 flavours that I've seen.

By the way, despite the fact that I have been eating pie, ice cream, and went for all-u-can-eat Korean BBQ on Sunday, I've lost that 2 lbs that I gained after the half marathon. Sweet :)


Cliff said...

So you are saying the more you eat the more you lose weight? Sweet :)

I like Clif bar over other bars b/c base on the nutrition value they are better (less saturated fat and more good stuff etc.). Second they are also made from organic products...gooo oragnic..

anners said...

i just bought a box of powerbar pria bars...:P