Sunday, January 08, 2006

Let the marathon training begin

It is 18 weeks before the Mississauga marathon. Let the marathon training begin! Actually, it officially starts tomorrow, but I will start today.

Day 1: rest :)

Can I really do this? The first few weeks sound pretty easy...actually, I am running more than that already. But then...look at week 15. I can't imagine doing a 10-miler in the middle of the week, then a 20-miler on the weekend! Breathe, breathe. It will be okay. Also, I have the Chilly half marathon in 2 months. That should be okay. I have to force myself not to run hard though, because I am "training through" that race. No attempts to set a PR :)

Yesterday morning, there were a few cm of snow accumulation on the sidewalks. I went out running in the soft snow, without the Yaktrax. As can be expected, it was difficult. Running uphill was especially hard, as my feet sunk into the snow and made my legs feel like lead. My Garmin was running on low battery and started acting up. After I had hit about 6.4 km, it went back to 5.9 km...and then never seemed to get past that 6.something km mark. What, was I running so slowly it thought I was moving backwards?? At the end of 1hr, 5 min, Garmin said that I had run 7km, which I knew was wrong. I uploaded the data to Sporttracks and it said 9.09km. Hmm. So, even though Garmin didn't track my run properly, Sporttracks was still able to get the correct data...weird.

Total mileage last week: 36.57km. This week, I start following a set schedule.

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