Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rain, snow and ice

I try to run outside as much as I can in spite of the weather. If I deem that the weather is not bad enough to be hazardous to my health, I dutifully dress in the appropriate gear and head outside for my run. For last weekend's LSD, it was a bit cold (-3deg) and there was ice on the sidewalks. Not pleasant, but nothing I couldn't handle. Today, it was pouring rain. I checked the weather before I went out and it said "light rain, 3 deg, feels like -3." Okay, so there was a bit of wind. I figured that my jacket was at least water repellant, so out I went.

My LSD for this week was 13k again. I started out and immediately began to regret my decision. Although I was running at a slow pace, my heart rate told me that my effort level was higher than usual. The rain was fairly heavy and soon soaked through my jacket and pants. That in itself was bad enough. The wind made it unbearable. I was shivering throughout most of the run. I toughed it out pretty well...I completed 11k before deciding to call it quits. I don't think the reduced mileage will affect me, it was more important for me to get home and into a hot shower. Physically, I could have easily run the additional 2k...I didn't feel tired at all, just very very cold.

I am going out this afternoon to buy a rain jacket!

Mileage count this month: 131km.

Update: I got a pink RR jacket!


Cliff said...

GOOO ANNERS GOOO....good job on the run.

No excuse.. :)..yeah gogogogog

anners said...

Thanks where are my clif bars??? :P

G said...

Wow... 11k in wind and rain. That's pretty good. Hope you don't get sick though. I gotta start running outdoors again now that the snow/ice is mostly gone.