Thursday, February 09, 2006

Clif bar delivery

I got a special delivery today! Cliff dropped them by my work. Buying in bulk is really the way to go ;) I ate a chocolate chip one before going for my 8k steady run today...mmm.

I think part of my boredom is coming from the monotony of the treadmill. The days are still too short for me to get my runs in after work before dark. The weather has been bad for my sunday LSD's, so I've been doing those inside too. When I do get back to running outside, I'll have to look for different routes. I hate getting in my car and driving somewhere to run, and there are only so many directions I can run from my home :P

I think my body is getting used to the 6-10-8 mid-week runs now. The first couple of weeks, I shortened the thursday run or delayed it to friday. This week, I completed them without feeling dead-tired :) I've also been forcing myself to go to sleep earlier, and I'm sure that is helping. The wednesday runs are going to get longer though...

57 km so far this month.

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James & Kenya the Duck Toller. said...

I love Clif bars! and Gu gels. Keep on running.