Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bored, lethargic, unmotivated

Is this a sort of taper madness? After 16.5 weeks, 700 km, countless Clif bars and gels...I don't even feel like doing this anymore. The weather has been gorgeous and warm in TO, and I've barely been able to drag myself out. I'm tired of running around my neighbourhood and running after work drives me crazy...too many cars, especially with the big sinkhole on Sheppard ave, which forces cars to detour into the residential streets. There are several 4-ways stops, and they are a nightmare (I am convinced that Toronto drivers do not know how to use a 4-way stop). So, I am forced to run on the sidewalks and am terrified everytime I come to an intersection. Today, it's 23 deg, sunny and clear...and I ran on the treadmill. I haven't run on the treadmill in awhile. The treadmills in my condo have finally been fitted with new belts...fantastic. They run smoothly now. I ran 10k, hating every minute of it. I did feel some satisfaction after I finished, for not giving up.

I feel grumpy, lethargic and unexcited about my upcoming race. Why is that?? I am still obsessing about it, but not in a giddy, can't-wait-to-run-it way. It's more like a "am I really going to do it?", "how long is this thing gonna take me?", "what if I die?" sort of way. :P

I would say maybe I should stop thinking about it, but that would be impossible. How can I forget about the event that I've been working towards for the past 4 months...or really, the past 2 years? And of course, I am already thinking about what to do AFTER the marathon. A 10 k? More halfs? Another marathon? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

Hi Anners,
You're not the only one who has this feeling. I'll run my first marathon in Vancouver this Sunday (May 7). After 17.5 weeks HH Novice 700km training, I feel tired and sick during last 2 weeks:( Maybe this is just normal tapering blue?

Don't give up! Reading your blog is one of my daily motivation! Read your profile and blog again. You can do it.

"The longest journey starts with a single step. Take it."

Best Wishes,
Slowrunner in Vancouver

Cliff said...

Did u pay 40-50 bucks and sign up a marathon simply to walk away?

I do understand the boredom of running the same route and the not so bright drivers in TO.

Perhaps, u might want to change some of the route to make it more interesting. Just a suggestion. How about taking the ferry to Centre Island and run around there fora bit....(not everyday.but someday :) )