Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 100th post!

I was trying to think of a clever title for this post, but when I logged in and saw my post count, it took care of itself. Yes, this is post #100 :P

I am still elated about my race last weekend, but I am less than pleased about my weight (so much for trying to lose 5 lbs...weight is fluctuating to its high end :( ). I think I've been eating slightly smaller portions at dinner, but I've been snacking more. Time to cut back the snacking. It will be interesting to see what August in France does to my weight, as well as my training.

Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about my race last weekend and how it was possible for me to run that fast (yes, for me it was very fast). My 10k race times (the ones that I actually raced):

May 2005 -- 1:04:40, 6:28/km
August 2005 -- 1:00:57, 6:06/km
July 2006 -- 0:57:45, 5:47/km

In all three races, I felt like I had given it my all. Didn't puke at the finish line though, so perhaps I wasn't really red-lining it :P How fast can I get? A year ago I would have told you that I couldn't possibly run faster than 6:00/km for more than 1 or 2 km. But I did it in the last race. My splits were 6:01, 6:04, 5:45, 5:40, 5:33, 5:44 (water station), 5:31, 5:56 (water station), 5:28, 5:24. Maybe I should carry water with me next time so I don't have to waste time at the water stations :P Then again, had I not taken the time to walk, would I have been able to hold my pace?

If I have any aspirations of qualifying for Boston, I would have to run at an average pace of 5:14/km to finish in a time of 3:40:59. Umm yeah. Can't imagine that. But, maybe someday I'll be able to run a 5 or 10k at 5:14/km (and then look back at this post and see how far I have come). Then again, how ambitious am I about running, anyway? I've already accomplished so many goals. How hard am I willing to work to get faster?

No speedwork today...7 km at a 7:30/km pace :) Melting in the sun...and it wasn't even that hot today :P

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good stuff.

Looking forward to 1/2 Chili again...gonna rock that course :)