Sunday, July 23, 2006

Last post from Canada (for awhile)

Today I ran about 9 km in the sunshine. Just warm enough to make me drink a lot of water, but not so hot that I felt like I was baking. My knee has been whining at me for the past couple of weeks (I blame running in Surrey...the hilly terrain...), so I've been running every other day and walking on my off days to relax my knee. It seems to be working okay. I also cut back on my mileage this week. I am up to 90 km this month. I will probably get a short run in on Monday or Tuesday before heading off to Europe. London, then Paris, then Mulhouse for a month. I hope that my French will be a little better than his (Mmm, bibliotheque??).

I thought about starting a new blog for my trip, but who knows how often I will get to update it...I might be having too much fun ;) So, I will post some photos and any running stories right here. Stay tuned ;)