Friday, March 02, 2007

2 days until race day, and...

...I have no idea what to expect. We had the worst storm that I've seen since moving to TO yesterday. Have you ever seen horizontal snow? There really wasn't that much accumulation...maybe 10cm...but the winds were fierce. Then the freezing rain came. I thought that things had calmed down today, but I just witnessed the weather going from white-out, horizontal snow conditions to sunny and calm within about 15 min. Um, right, so...just what exactly am I supposed to wear on race day??

It hasn't been a great couple of weeks for me. I haven't been getting enough sleep, and I feel pretty run down. I feel tense and irritable. I've been tapering as planned, except that I bailed on my easy 5k run yesterday in favour of a nap. I'm worried that the weather on Sunday will affect my performance, which would be frustrating since I've trained so hard for this one...i mean, really trained hard, speedwork and everything. Combined with other things that are going on, I'm not a happy camper. Too stressed out. I could use a spa day ;)

Well...I guess I have to try to not overthink things. Whatever happens, happens. I'll report back after the race :)

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Anonymous said...

I thought the roof was going to blow off my house last night. Seriously. And took me 4hrs to get home from work. Longest EVER commute for me.

But hey...the worst is over and on Sunday you're gonna do GREAT!