Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good luck, Ottawa race weekend runners!

This weekend is Ottawa Race Weekend. I went last year to visit a friend and run the 10k. I did not have a good race last year. The course was quite crowded for the first couple of km, and I couldn't settle into my zone. I never got my mental game together, and ended up walking a fair bit en route to one of my worst 10k times. However, I still remember the weekend fondly. I cheered on the marathoners the next the pouring rain...and still had a blast. I wish that I was going back this year, even if just to cheer! Ottawa is a great city, and the energy of Ottawa Race Weekend is fantastic. Someday, I will go back to run the half or the full.

To all my readers who are running this weekend, may you run with wings on your feet! All the best! I hope to read lots of race reports!

Before the start of the 10k event in 2007:


Marci said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Ottawa has never been kind to me either. I will post a full race report on my blog.

Lily on the Road said...

Hi Anners!

Thanks for the well wishes, although I'm just reading them now. Thanks for the kindness.

I had fun, with no real race time planned other that somewhere between 5 & 5:30....for my first race (well really just a lope) it was good!

Sonia said...

Eh What about the CTR Racers! ;-) Glad to see you felt good enough for a little run. I'm pretty sad it all over, you really have to do that one!