Thursday, May 01, 2008

Race fuel

I tried a different fueling routine while training for this marathon. I used to train with water and gels. However, I found that on race day I would end up mixing gatorade and gels, which sometimes resulted in gastrointestinal distress. I know very well that gatorade + gel = stomachache, but for some reason the gatorade becomes too tempting, especially towards the end of the race. I also find gels messy, so I wanted to try doing without them. When I ran the Around the Bay 30k at the end of March, I relied on the aid stations for water and carried one package of Clif shot bloks and two packages of Sport Beans. I ended up using only one of each. This seemed to work well. My hunger was curbed and I didn't feel like I was bonking. I will try a similar strategy for the marathon on Sunday. Luckily, they are only calling for a high of 13C on Sunday. Sounds like perfect running weather to me!


laura said...

Yay! No rain on Sunday? Lovely!

Cliff said...

I am a wuss. I lke running in warmer weather. I don't like freezing my tail off.

Yes, we all have to deal with the nutrition strategy for marathon.

I have tried clif bloks. They are very good alternative to gatorade and gel. Just have to make sure I get enough sodium in and that will work.

Have a good race this sun!!! Rock the marathon =D