Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The race medal

This is why we run marathons, right? For the bling!

My friend's baby, Sophie, was fascinated by the bling. You can see my finisher's shirt in this pic too. This was the first race that I have been in that handed out the shirts at the finish rather than at the race kit pick-up. Too bad mine is too small on me :(

Photos courtesy of Dolce Pics!


Cliff said...

Hey Anner,

Congrats again w/ the bling. I just saw your race results on the side of your blog. Interesting. Your Mara PB is your 1/2 mara's time * 2 + ~ 40 min or so.

I am not sure if you analyze your data like that.

anners said...

LOL...my race times don't match very well. I should be capable of a sub 4:30 marathon. I definitely need to figure out the fueling thing. I have a feeling that I don't take in enough salt or calories. But, my stomach doesn't tolerate fuel very well when my body is stressed.

Marlene said...

That's a nice one! :)