Friday, July 04, 2008

Meet Suzi

I went to Bayview Cycle today and rescued Suzi. She was about to be crowded with all the big bad 2009 bikes. Suzi was so pretty that I just had to take her home. She is a Trek 7.2FX WSD. I took her for a test ride and she was the perfect match! The price was pretty good too, so I finally got over my bike hesitation and went for it.

On the drive home, I was thinking about the pretty blue colour and decided to name her "Suzushii kaze," which means cool breeze in Japanese. So, it's Suzi for short :)

I did a brick workout today...10k on Suzi followed by a 2k run. My ride was slow, as I was trying to get acquainted with Suzi and I haven't owned a bike since I was...hmm, about 10 years old? So, the 10k ride took me about 33 min. It was quite comfortable sore butt :)

I'm glad that I am not restricted to the stationary bike anymore! It was getting pretty boring!


laura - dolcepics said...

Oh very nice! Suzi is so cute! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside reminiscing about the old days when I used to bike around everywhere. Enjoy your new ride!

Cliff said...

Sweet ride.

I hope you got a nice helmet to match the bike :)

anners said...

Yes, I bought a helmet long before I bought the bike...haha. I saw a bunch at Costco that looked decent, so I picked one up. But do let me know if you have helmet advice :)

Marlene said...

Oooh, congrats on the new ride! Enjoy!