Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NRR: Wedding and honeymoon

NRR stands for Non-Running Related post :)
Our wedding day was beautiful! Here are a few pics!
Courtesy of Dolce Pics/my Maid of Honour and her hubby:

Courtesy of our photographer Bryan Caporicci:

We had a perfect wedding day and a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii. We spent 2 weeks hanging out on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. I did have an ulterior motive for wanting to visit the Big Island at the end of our trip...to watch the Ironman World Championships, of course!

It was amazing being there! We got to Kona in time to see the leaders finish the bike and head out on the run. After watching the first 20 or so competitors come in, we took a break for lunch and eventually made our way to the finish area to see the winners. Such amazing athletes. Not enough to make me want to start training for an Ironman (I guess I would have to try-a-tri first, lol!), but I did come away with renewed enthusiam for running. I registered for the Angus Glen 10k on November 2. I am definitely not expecting to set a PB with my lack of training, but we'll see what I can do. I ran about every other day in Hawaii, but I also put on about 5lbs from all of the honeymoon eating! Delicious food, but I am paying for it now!

Okay, so I guess this post ended up being a little bit running related :)


Marci said...

You looked beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures and congratulations again!

Melanie said...

Congrats! You looked beautiful!! That's amazing that you got to experience Ironman too! Welcome back

laura - dolcepics said...

So, back to the grind? The running grind I mean. hehe. I love looking at your wedding photos... you make a gorgeous bride! :)

Did you recently change your theme? I like the pink!

Cliff said...

Any chance u will be doing sauga full next year?

i am thinking of that one..and ATB as well.

Marlene said...

Amazing pictures! Congratulations again.

SO awesome that you go tto see Kona!

Sonia said...

You look beautiful in your pics Ann! So jealous of the trip to Hawaii!! I think you would be super good at tris! Come on you know you wanna LOL