Friday, December 19, 2008

December running

I'm on vacation! Work has been stressful lately, so I just haven't had the energy to write. I have been working on a mileage goal for December: 100km. I've run ~46km so far, which isn't bad. I'm not going to kill myself to get to 100km, but I should be close. I've only been running 50-70km per month since completing my spring marathon (!!!), so it already looks like this month will be an improvement. I need to build up my base so that I can train for the Around the Bay 30k :)

We had about 20cm of snow today and are expecting more over the next few outdoor running will likely be out of the question for me. I will stick to the treadmill and chasing Lily around in the yard :). Actually, I've started taking her on walks too, but I don't think I can count her 5-10min walks towards my training mileage...although sometimes I have to jog to keep up with her!


Marci said...

I am sure you will hit your 100!

Cliff said...


See u in ATB ;o)..

for a while there i thought u are giving your dog a snow bath :D

Sonia said...

Oh my! She's too cute! Good job getting back at it. Seems like you'll rock ATB again this year!

Looks like Pat and I will be teammates and run the relay! See you there =)

Marlene said...

Good luck hitting 100 - great way to end the year.

I'll be at ATB as well. :)