Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In a festive mood

Yesterday, I was feeling down. I went for my treadmill run, thinking that I would do about 7 km...and ignoring the dull ache in my legs. I made the mistake of taking my old runners on my trip, because I didn't want to take my beautiful new shoes. Two outdoor runs on the hard pavement and one treadmill run later, my legs were in pain. I think the cold weather probably didn't help either. So yesterday, I got on one of the older treadmills and set it to my usual warm-up pace of 8km/h (5mph). The machine was uncalibrated. I think I was running at least 9km/h. I toughed it out anyways, until one of the newer treadmills became available. I switched treadmills, but by that time the damage had been done. I forced myself to complete 5km, but my legs ached all over.

Today, we had a potluck at work along with our secret Santa gift exchange. I got a nice soft throw blanket :) I went to the gym, thinking that I would just do the elliptical to give my legs a break. 10 mins on the elliptical and I felt pretty good, so I moved to the treadmill and ran 10 and 1's at a gentle pace. I ran 6km with no pain :) So, maybe it was just a matter of warming up and cooling down properly.

After that, I checked my mail and found an MEC gift certificate...a Christmas gift from my sister. Woo-hoo! Now I can get my YakTrax! Small things make me sad, but small things can also make me very happy :)