Monday, December 05, 2005

Winter running

The streets of Steveston were damp with melting snow as I headed out for my run yesterday morning. It wasn't bad at first...light snow that had a gentle cooling effect as it melted on my hair, face and ski jacket. I jogged down Steveston highway to historic Steveston (?? I think that's what it's called), running right up to the deserted docks. As I circled around and headed back to Laura and Thomas's house, it began snowing harder. Big, wet flakes and gusts of wind slapping my face. Suddenly, my winter jog didn't feel so pleasant. The run home felt a lot longer than the run out. I ran for for 67 min, and after checking my distance with MapMyRun, calculated that I had run 9.2km.

I didn't take all my running gear on my trip with me. I wore a long sleeve tech shirt, spandex pants, and my ski jacket. The snow was melting as it hit the ground, so I didn't need spikes. I could have used a hat and gloves though.

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