Sunday, December 18, 2005

There is no off-season!!!

As a figure skater in my younger days, I would cheerfully get up at 7am on weekdays during the summer months and head over to the rink for my skating sessions. My friends would think I'm crazy and ask "you still skate in the summer?? You mean, they have ice??" which, I would roll my eyes and nod my head. To me, skating year-round was the norm and I could not understand why it was so strange to skate in the summer. How could one expect to be at their best for the fall competitions if they did not train during the summer months?

Today, as I ran down the street in my winter running gear past drivers who scrunched up the faces in bewilderment, I realized that they must be thinking the same sort of thing as my childhood friends did. "You still run in the winter??" Well, of course. How am I going to be prepared for my spring races if I don't run over the winter? And of course, it will help keep that extra holiday weight off ;) I have to admit though, running in the cold and ice is very difficult. I did 40 min outside today, and it was slow and difficult. I wanted to quit after 15 min!! Hmm, how I am going to train myself to do longer runs in the cold?

75 km so far this month...not sure if I will hit my 120km goal, but it looks like I'll be close :)

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Cliff said...

That's good job Anners...

If running in snow is slow, instead of looking at distance, try looking in time.

That's what I am doing now for my training. For the long runs or bike, I am measuring in time. The idea of these training is to train my body to burn fat. As long as I am in my aerobic zone, it is all good.