Friday, January 13, 2006

changing gears

I have been pondering for the past few weeks if I should join a Running Room in-store marathon clinic. I am sure that it is very helpful to have a group to train with and the advice of the clinic leader. However, the RR marathon clinic near my place was aiming for the Ottawa marathon, 2 weeks after my goal race. Also, I know that I would be missing at least 2 of the weekly sessions because I will be out of town. So that's already 4 of the 16 sessions wasted. I then considered joining the online clinic, which is $20 cheaper (but no t-shirt included), I don't have to commit to weekly meetings, and I have access to a virtual clinic leader who is supposed to respond to all my questions within a reasonable amount of time.

So, I signed up for the clinic last night, and it officially started today. I received an e-mail from the clinic leader welcoming me and telling me my run schedule for this week. It's harder than Hidgon's...5 days of running including a 10k mid-week and a 13k LSD on the weekend. Ack. That's quite a bit more than I am currently doing. I might have to modify it a bit so I don't kill myself.

So far, it seems like my $50 has bought me a training schedule (which Hal Higdon gives for free online), a weekly e-mail and a running manual. Hmm, is it worth $50? I guess I'll find out as the training progresses.

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Cliff said...

Let meknow how it turns out.

With a group training, you can at least train with someone. Which is always a plus.