Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gotta love LSD, I am not talking about drugs here. LSD = Long Slow Distance runs. Higdon recommends doing these 30-90 sec or more slower than your goal marathon pace. Since I am going to be a slow marathoner, 30-90 s slower than my pace is really...really slow. I could probably walk faster. Still, I know that this slooooow runs are for building an endurance base and getting myself ready to spend 4-5 hours on my feet.

I had some conflict because Hidgon's schedule called for a 10k LSD and cross-training this weekend. RR clinic called for a 6km run and a 13 km LSD. Or so I thought...turned out I was looking at the wrong week. Well, my Saturday didn't go as planned, so I ended up not having time for the 6km or cross-training. This morning, I woke up and it was -13deg, -21deg with the windchill. Um...running outside maybe not a good idea? So, I drove to work and ran on the treadmill there, where there is no time limit and I would be undisturbed. I kept my pace at a moderate 5mph and did 10-and-1, which I don't usually do. I ran for 90min and completed 12km. I decided not to push myself any longer than that for today. I haven't run close to 90min in a while. Then I got home and looked at the RR schedule again -- the right week this time -- and found out that it also called for 10km today. Argh! Oh well...the extra 2km couldn't have hurt. I will just be more prepared for next week's LSD :)


Cliff said...

Welcome to Canada..

j/k :D if u choose to run outside..make sure u double layer yourself. I do that for hands and feet. Helped a lot.

G said...

Gah! I still have to get running again. And i'm debating whether to do the Sun Run or not... I don't know if it's worth it for me to fly/drive back for that - esp when i'm also planning to go back for my convocation.