Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Woke up at 5am for a 6km treadmill run this morning. I didn't want to chance leaving my run for after work with the threat of freezing rain looming. Not good for running outside, or driving home in traffic after a treadmill workout. My training schedule called for a tempo run (I am still trying to confirm with my clinic leader what pace I should be running at). I started warming up at 5mph and after about 12min I was at 5.5mph. I felt sluggish and gross. The distance seemed to go by very slowly. I struggled to run for the first 20min, after which I started to feel a little better and the strides came more naturally.

It makes me wonder...if I had never pushed myself past that first 20min of gross feeling, would I have ever run a half marathon? Or even a 5k?

After my run, I ate a bagel for breakfast, a granola bar for a mid-morning snack and leftovers for lunch. By 3:00, I was STARVING. Hmm, that is unusual. Maybe my body can sense that I am increasing my mileage and is trying to compensate. I struggle with that. Although I know that I can and must eat more when I am training heavily, I don't want to gain weight...! So, I have to be careful about how much I increase my calorie intake. Where is the balancing point??


Cliff said...

For your pace.

Use your HRM to make sure u are staying in aerobic zone.

Before when I was doing my tempo run, I would just base it on my perceived exertion.

I did a little test in mid Dec to find my Latec threshold. This is the point where my body changes from aerobic to anaerobic. When I do my LSD, I make sure I stay in that range.

Cliff said...

My appitize grew a lot when I was training for marathon.

I think you might gain some weight. From what i read and my own experience, my weight slowly creeps up 5 lbs..(but then it slowly drops back down...during the training).

I read that since your body is busy storing glycogen and fat. It also stores water with it. This explain the increase in weight. If it is water weight, then it is good. Since u will be needing a lot fwater during the run.

The importance is to rest well and eat healthy. Loads of fruits and veges....

anners said...

Wise words from marathoner and triathlete Cliff ;)

Soon I will be able to call you ironman Cliff!