Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February mileage

Total run: 140.5 km
Total time: 16hr, 58 min

3.5 km and 38 min longer than January, even though it is a short month and I rested for 5 days after injuring my shoulder.

I think I have found my love for running again. Last week was a stressful week, and running was really the only thing that kept me together. Challenging myself physically has made me mentally and emotionally stronger as well.

This morning, I did a 6 km speed workout on the treadmill. 74 days to go until the marathon...and I am confident that I will make it!

Edit: Time for new shoes! I bought the Asics 2110...the women's version of the shoes that Tony bought a few weeks ago. Didn't realize that until he looked at my shoes and said they were the same as his :)


Cliff said...

So you guys wear matching shoes...that's so sweet....will i soon see you guys in matching running outfit as well? :D.

Btw, did u get them from RR? I need shoes too and don't want to pay that much at RR>

Joyce said...

i have those :) they're awesome!