Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This morning, I woke up to perform my regular Tuesday routine. Get out of bed at 5:00am, eat a Clif bar and drink some water, then head to the treadmill or outside for my 6k tempo run. I couldn't finish my Clif bar this morning, and after my run, I had no desire to eat my usual bagel. The monotony of my diet is killing me. Unfortunately, this problem has resulted in me going for higher fat foods. I bought a cafeteria egg mcmuffin (with cheese and bacon) when I got to work. I'll have to get to the grocery store and pick up some more interesting foods...maybe some oatmeal, berries, cereal...anything but bagels!

I am tired. I definitely need more sleep. My legs seem to be recovering well from the race last weekend, though. I eased into my tempo run very slowly this morning, only reaching my peak speed in the last couple of minutes. I'll have to get lots of rest tonight to be able to pull of my hill run tomorrow.

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Cliff said...

Fat is actually good for us. However, we need to get good kind of fat in our systems. Mcdonald's fat..unforunately is not the good kind of fat.

WHo gets up 5 am to run :)..nuts :D.. I give u credit for that. I love my monotony diet. I can go on forever. How about this, I will trade u my monotony diet character for your early getting up to train character.