Monday, April 17, 2006

Running sick

I usually do my LSD's on sundays, but since I had an extra long weekend and I won't be able to do next week's LSD on sunday, I decided to move both to mondays. Yesterday, I woke up feeling ill. Irritated throat and chest, and mild dizziness. I didn't feel that great when I woke up this morning either, but I checked my temperature and there was no fever. Fair enough. I popped a tylenol cold and headed out for my 14mile/23k LSD.

Maybe it was the gorgeous weather or the tylenol...whatever it was, I had a fantastic run. Usually I do my LSD's at about 7:30/km. Today my pace was about 7:00/km. I kind of crashed at about 20k, but I was still able to finish at the same pace. I consumed 2 gels and half of a fruit bar. Note to self: consume solid food early in the run, then switch to gel. I had no desire to eat any solid food once I hit about 1:30-2:00. Warmer weather means higher water consumption, too. I drank the 4 water flasks and still downed a 710ml bottle of gatorade after I was finished. I guess I was thirsty.

Time to pack the runners for my trip to Vancouver. The timing isn't the greatest, since this is week 15 of marathon training...the most intense week. But that's ok...I'll make it work!

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