Sunday, April 09, 2006

The training is the toughest part

A gorgeous Sunday morning. I woke up at 7:30 and started getting ready for my 2nd longest training run (18 miles/29km). After getting some encouragement on Hal Higdon's forums (since I am now following his training plan rather than RR's), I told myself not to worry about how long the run took me, just complete the distance. Walk the last 5 km if you have to, just go the distance. I headed out on a different route than usual, and ended up getting a bit matter really, because I had to find 29km of road to run on anyways! It was about 0 deg when I started, then warmed up. I was wearing pants, a long sleeved shirt and my trusty pink RR jacket. After awhile, I wanted to ditch the jacket. By 17 km, I was boiling and in my neighbourhood, so I called Tony (waking him up) to meet me at the front door to grab my jacket from me. He did, and I growled at him as I threw it at him...totally undeserved, but I had already been running for 2:30 and I still had a little over 10k to go!

I didn't feel as much pain in my legs as my previous long LSD (16 miles/26 km). Sure, I did get stiff, and it was tough, but I never doubted for a minute that I would complete the distance. As I was running up my street completing the 29th km, a woman ran towards me (also wearing a fuel belt). "How long are you running?" she asked. Only about half a km left, I replied. We exchanged a few words and I found out that she was training for the Ottawa half. The brief conversation gave me a little boost and distracted me from the pain a little.

It may have taken me 3:45, but I finished my 29km (found out later after uploading to SportTracks that I actually ran 29.6km...which I could round up to 30, couldn't I??). Yes, I am hurting, but I finished strong and have a lot more confidence now. Just one more extra long LSD until the race. 35 days to go!

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