Friday, April 07, 2006

Running in the rain

I rested monday and tuesday and then had to do some juggling to get my weekday runs in. It was supposed to go like this:
Tuesday 6k tempo
Wednesday 14k tempo
Thursday 8k steady
Friday rest

But what I actually did was this:
Tuesday rest
Wednesday 4 mile (6.44km) steady
Thursday 8.4k speed
Friday 14k steady

Ah, the art of improvisation! I didn't want to run fast on Wednesday, because I wanted to see how my leg felt. Thursday, I went outside before dawn and just let my legs do what they wanted...and it ended up being a speed workout (8.39km, avg pace 6:12/km, fastest split 5:00/km!!!!!). Today, it was raining all day and I worried about my planned 14k run. I got home from work and looked outside woefully. Then I said to myself, "suck it up princess, this could be preparation for the real thing. There's no guarantee the marathon gods will give you sunshine on race day." So I sucked it up and went outside. I got poured on for the first 5 min or so, then the rain lightened to a drizzle. Soon, it was barely raining at all. Aside from the puddles, the conditions were perfect! I finished the 14k in 1:44, after getting off to a very slow start and stopping for 2min at a delayed traffic light. No problem. I didn't care about how long it took, I just wanted to do my distance today. On sunday, I will attempt to run twice that far....ack!

Leg feels pain. Hopefully it will still feel okay in the morning.


Cliff said...

If u are doing a LSD on Sun,

rest on Sat if u need to.

Remember.the only key session is the long run. Everything else can be skip if necessary. U are doing good.

anners said...

:) I don't believe that EVERYTHING else can be skipped :) Unless you are trying to introduce me to the once-a-week marathon training plan ;)