Thursday, May 11, 2006

Carbo loading

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MMmmmm, carbs! My diet this week has been rich in carbohydrates, and extremely low in junk calories. I admit to having a bit of chocolate today. But, I've been replacing my afternoon diet Coke with water, and as I write this I am eating a mini whole-wheat baugette with no butter (along with my Healthy Request Minestrone soup). I've also eaten plenty of pasta, bagels, rice, fruit and veggies. I have been so good (aside from a teeny tiny bit of chocolate) that it is sickening. I just want to eat something that is as unhealthy as possible. Banana split? Poutine? Pork rinds? I told Tony that we must go to Baton Rouge for my post-marathon dinner. Ribs, fries, some wine and then chocolate mousse...I'm there! That alone should be motivation to get me to the finish line!

I did an easy 6k yesterday around my Garmin, no watch, no HRM, no waterbelt. It felt great. Today, I am planning to do yoga. I started doing yoga the night before my LSD's and found that it really helped to keep my muscles loose. No running today and tomorrow, then a 20 min jog on Saturday to deal with my last-minute jitters. I am finally excited about this race.


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Mais, je ne travaille pas dans un discothèque :P