Thursday, May 25, 2006

To run or not to run

I haven't been very inspired to write lately. It feels like running has become more of a chore and a calorie burner rather than fun. I tried to motivate myself by signing up for the HBC Run for Canada on July 1. I do want to run faster. I really do. I am just too lazy/unmotivated to train :P Actually, I guess I'm still not supposed to be running hard. If I use the "rest/easy running for 1 day of every mile raced" rule, I still have about 2 weeks to go before starting any speed work.

My runs have been okay. I've been running about every other day, and my longest run so far has been 6.5k. Hopefully I'll be pushing it to 8-10k this weekend. I've been trying to eat slightly smaller meals to compensate for my reduced mileage.

I had no idea that the post-marathon blues would hit me so hard. The marathon was something that was building for so long, and now it's over. Vague training plans and aspirations of improving my times at shorter distances are in my mind, but they are not goals that I am excited about. What would be an exciting goal? Qualifying for Boston? That would be quite the lofty goal, considering that I would have to take an hour and 14 min off my marathon time :). Train for an ultra? That would also be a lot of time on my feet.

I hope that I will not turn into one of those people who trains for a marathon, completes a marathon, and never gains/regains their passion for running. Running has done so much for me, I really want to keep at it. And I don't really want to let myself take a break from it, because I fear that I will never go back. However, if it gets to the point that I am dragging myself to run and hating it, that will make me miserable too.

We'll see. I'm planning to wake up early tomorrow to run...looks like rain, so I may have to do the treadmill.


Cliff said...

The question goes back to why do you run? Other than the answer "B/c Cliff told me so" :D..

There are many reasons to run and many reasons not to run. Once u distill all those reasons, there is generally one reason strong enough that all the other reasons don't matter (or matter less).

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Anners, remember to have fun. I forget that sometimes and then I really struggle. :)

Keep your spirits up while you look for the next mountain to climb - maybe a triathlon? :D