Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Junk miles

Another 5:30am run for me today, on the treadmill this time. It didn't look very nice outside when I woke up...lots of rain. I didn't exactly jump out of bed this morning. I dragged myself down to the gym and started jogging, half asleep. I tried to pick up the pace for a bit. I guess you could say that I did a 17 min tempo run in my total 47.5 min workout. But my tempo was sluggish. I gradually increased the speed from 5.0 to 6.2 mph. Wow, did it ever feel hard. The room felt humid too, and I was sweating a lot. I had to take a couple of walk breaks after I finished the tempo portion of my run. 6.5 km in total...not very impressive.

This morning's run brought my monthly total to 92.2 km. Okay, so I need to get 7.8 km done in the next 3 days to break 100 km :P Not a problem...but I was hoping to rest up for my race on Saturday. So, if I put in any mileage between now and then, they are purely for my training log and not for anything else. Is that what you would call junk miles?? I mean, who really cares if I do 92.2 km or 100 km in a given calendar month? Especially when it is your lowest total of the year so far anyways? Hehe. Which reminds me...we're halfway through the year, so maybe I should post a year-to-date mileage. I'll do that on or after June 30 :)

Oh yes, June 30 is also the early bird registration deadline for the Toronto Marathon. To register or not to register...I have no idea how my training is going to be affected while I am in France this summer...I could either use the 4 weeks to make myself known as the crazy running tourist in Mulhouse, or I could spend it eating croissants and drinking wine! But hey, even if I am not in half marathon shape come October, it is almost worth paying the early bird registration to get the tech t-shirt :P So okay, I will register.

I have an appointment with the RMT tomorrow. She is going to kick my butt for not stretching properly :P But hey, that is why I need the massages!

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Cliff said...


Yesterday I was planning on doing a bike ride in the morning. Saw the rain and ran instead. Oh it was good. Once into running mode, the rain just cool me down.

7.8 km? Isn't that like the distance to go down and grab some grocery a few times? :D