Friday, June 23, 2006

GT 2110's v 2.0

From browsing running forums, people generally seem to put 600-800 km on their shoes before they replace them. By the time I approach 500 km, I start feeling pains in my legs. So, I tend to replace my shoes every 500 km which works out to about every 4 months. I don't know why I go through my shoes so quickly. I've also read that heavier runners break shoes down faster, but I am not exactly a 6'+, 200lb+ runner. I guess my legs and body just need a lot of support from the shoes.

So, I went to Running Room today to buy replacements for my 2110's. Turns out that they have an updated version now, which look pretty snazzy. I also tried on a pair of Saucony's, but they didn't feel as good. Hooray for the Vector 20% off coupon...I saved a lot of money on the shoes, clif bars, gels and Body Glide I bought today :P

I crossed-trained (elliptical) on Wednesday and ran 7 km yesterday as planned. I'm hoping to do a short run (~5 km) tomorrow to break in the shoes, then a longer one (~12 km) on Sunday. Only 1 week until my next race...will I be able to PB??

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