Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Motivation can come when you least expect it

I woke up at 5:00 this morning and practically jumped out of bed. I had only gotten about 6 hours of sleep, but for some reason was wide awake and eager to get out and run. I hit the streets by 5:30 and did my usual 8km route. As with my other runs lately, it felt hard. I told myself to slow down. I had the sensation that I was running through molasses...my legs wanted to go faster, but my body just wouldn't move faster. I took a 1 min walking break after about 4 km. After that, things got easier. I finished 8 km in about 54 min, which is not bad at all. Not as fast as last week (51 min), but I should remember that the same run took me about 58 min a year ago. I am progressing, even though I sometimes don't feel that I am.

Up the stairs again to my suite. This time I timed myself: 2 min 27 sec. Okay, now I have a standard to compare myself to :)

I got an unexpected compliment from a co-worker today. She asked what I was training for now, and I replied "oh, nothing specific." She asked a few more questions about my running, and then commented on how fit and slim I looked! Wow. When I look in the mirror, I see short and chunky :P So, that made me feel really good...and gave me little motivation to keep it up. Compliments can go a long way!

Probably cross-training tomorrow and then 6-8km on Thursday. Oh, and new shoes...gotta get to Running Room and buy new shoes.


Cliff said...

That's ok..when i see myself in the mirror..i see a toothless triathlete...when ppl see me..they see this lean mean triathlete STUD.. :D....right...whatever.

anners said...

heeheee....no comment :P

Kewl Nitrox said...

I like these kinda days. I figure with the number of mornings that say "stay in bed", I am due quite a few good mornings. :)

G said...

Cross-training... have you been doing upper-body workouts too?