Saturday, September 30, 2006

Social LSD

Hmm...a non-runner reading the title of this post would probably wonder what the heck I am on, huh?

Today's LSD:

Distance: 16.70 km
Time: 1:52:52
Pace: 6:45
Calories: 1090
Feeling: hard/easy/hard/easy...lots of frustration near the end due to traffic lights

I ran with Cliff today, which is what I mean by Social LSD. Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to run with friends, since I do 98% of my runs alone. We chatted about training, next year's races, nutrition, etc. I told him that I am thinking about getting a road bike...if I can stomach putting out the cash for one. I guess that a basic one will run me about $800. I am starting to feel that I need another physical activity besides running, and cycling looks like fun. I would be a sunday morning cyclist though...get up while the traffic is still light and go for a leisurely ride. Who knows though, it may open up a can of worms...duathlon, duathlon!! Ack!

We ran from North York near the start of the TO marathon, all the way down Yonge street to downtown, then went up University Ave and finished at Queen's Park. Very simliar to the TO half marathon route. The Hogg's Hollow hill was hard for me...shame on me for not doing enough hill work :( I might have to work that in to one or two of the training runs before the event, just to increase my confidence. Other than that...a decent run. Hopefully I won't be hurting tomorrow...I have to Run for the Cure :)

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Cliff said...

run = fun
dual = more fun
tri = ... :O...pleasure overload..