Saturday, September 23, 2006

3 weeks till race day

I ran my LSD today:

Distance: 15.29 km
Time: 1:45:47
Average Pace: 6:55/km
First split: 7:33/km; Last split: 4:58/km :O
Calories burned: 1017 :)
Fuel: One RR water bottle (~500mL). 1 CarbBoom gel

I sped up at the end to test out my legs. They felt strong. I am surprised that I managed a 4:58 km at the end of my run. I guess that's a good sign :) No chest pains today; I am still in the process of having the tests done. I also had some pain in my left leg this week...knee and I was wondering if I needed to switch shoes (My GT 2110's only have about 300 km on them). Then I felt the soreness in my ankle and remembered that I twisted it several weeks ago in France. I figured that the rest of my leg was probably trying to compensate...or something like that. Anyways, my leg/ankle did not bother me at all during my LSD today, so I don't think I need new shoes just yet. Thank goodness ;)

Today's run gave me confidence for my upcoming half marathon. I think that missing my LSD last weekend really bothered me. The plan is to do 2-hour runs next week and the week after, then a 6 day taper.


Cliff said...

hm...race..u will be ready...

Kewl Nitrox said...

Good run. Careful of "compensation" injuries.