Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mileage update

Mileage to date in 2006: 1377.95 km

I should be able to break 1500 km easily by the end of the year. A long ways from the 2006 km goal that I set for myself this year, but I know now that it wasn't a realistic goal. I know now that running more than 2 days in a row causes too much strain on my legs, and that running 4 days a week is optimal. The added cross-training that I have been doing for the past few weeks seems to be working well. I haven't felt much pain and my fitness level feels very good. Hopefully it will help my weight as well.

Since I am feeling good, I am tempted to pick up another race before the end of the year. There's the Chilly Willy 10k on Dec 10, or the Jingle Bell 5k on the same day. We'll see. For once, I think that I will play it by ear and not pre-register...just go down and register on race day if I feel like doing it :)


Kewl Nitrox said...

you ought to be proud. Lot's of people don't even bike that distance!

Cliff said... takes some time for your body to become fit to handle the higher mileage. So 2006 km can be achieve in later years.

Geez that's a lot of running. How many pairs of runners u gone through? 3?

Cliff said...


thanks for the suggestion on the restaurant, girl. It went exactly how i wanted it.

anners said...

i am on my 3rd pair of runners for this year. and, you're welcome ;)