Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rosebud first 5k race

I ran the Rosebud 5k today (part of the Brampton half marathon). Aside from being confused about separate race kit and chip pick-up, it was really a great event. Very well-organized. I can see this event growing quickly.

I was nervous about this race, having never raced a "real" 5k before. I've done Run for the Cure, but I think that the Toronto route is a little short and it is too crowded to run well, anyways. As part of my training for the scotiabank half in September, I do some 400m repeats at 5k race pace. I decided that I should find out what my 5k race pace actually is.

Since there was no mat at the start line, I started pretty close to the front . The first km was flat, the 2nd was uphill. Then some curves and a good long downhill (yay!), with some bumps here and there towards the finish.

My goal time was 27:00. My km splits:

5:29 (uphill)
4:59 :D

My race time was 26:33, which I was thrilled with. But I was even happier when I saw my placement: I came 3rd in my age group and 39th out of 170 runners!!! I've never even come close to placing before! Unfortunately, there were no age group awards for this race :(

The speedwork that I have been doing the past 6 weeks or so is definitely paying off!

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