Sunday, February 24, 2008

Half marathon on a treadmill

I really really really didn't want to do my long run today. I had 13 miles (21km) on the schedule. However, after some encouragement from my Running mania friends, I decided to get on the treadmill with the intention of running for an hour. Just an hour, so that I don't skip the run completely and make training harder for myself this week. Well, I must have turned into the Energizer bunny or something, because I kept going and going... ;). I ended up doing my longest ever treadmill entire half-marathon! I kept the pace slow and I am feeling okay right now...I might be a little sore tomorrow though.

I have 5 weeks left until the ATB 30k race, and I would have been worried if I had missed today's run. Now I feel like I am on my way to being prepared :)

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Cliff said...

You must feel like a hamster in a wheel =D