Sunday, March 02, 2008

Halfway to the marathon

Week 9 summary (cut-back week for the LSD):

Tues - 8x400m hills, 11.27km total, 1:20
Wed - badminton
Thurs - 5k easy, terrible (note to self: don't have a beer with dinner and expect to have a good run afterwards!!!), 36:35
Sat - 6.5k steady, 45:30
Sun - 16k fast finish LSD, with 4k @ 5:55/km towards the end, 1:50

Total: 38.77km

ATB 30k in 4 weeks...what should my time goal be??? Or should I just treat it as a training run?

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Cliff said...

beer before run? I always leave my recovery drink after a run =D

I am thinking about my time goal for ATB. Hmm..for goal..just run with 4 gels and run for the sake of running.