Monday, April 21, 2008

Taper mode

Ooops, I haven't been updating!

Week 15 of training was my highest mileage week at 65km. I did my 32k LSD all over Markham in windy 4 deg weather. It was hilly. Here is the elevation profile of my run:

If that didn't prepare me for Vancouver, nothing will! Then, last weekend it was 24degC...umm, quite the contrast in only a week! I thought that I was going to melt, even in a tank top and a running skirt :(

I am slightly worried because my left IT band has been an issue. It got really stiff on my 32k run after about 22-23k. And it got stiff again today during my run...I cut my planned 19k short at 13k :(

I guess it will be rest, stretching and gentle running until May 4!

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Cliff said...

32 km...nuts :)...that looks like a heart some way i guess that's how you feel during the way as well =D...

good stuff