Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cross-training? What's that?

So, I went to my ART provider yesterday to get treatment on my IT band and ask about my knee. The IT band has been irritated for awhile, but the knee issue (same leg) is a new problem. I tried a short run on Saturday and found that my gait was a bit off because of it. Fortunately, my chiropractor seemed to think that the problem was in my very tight quad muscles rather than the knee itself...whew. That is an easier fix. However, he told me to cross-train until my issues heal up. He mentioned biking and swimming...translation please? Yes, I am one of those stubborn people who likes to run and run only. I don't own a bike or a proper swimsuit.

So, how do I choose a bike? Bike scare me. I'm not going to commute with it...riding in traffic scares me. I'm not going to try to race with it. It would be more of a trip-to-the-grocery-store, or Sunday-morning-45-min-ride sort of bike. What do you think? A mountain bike? Hybrid? Maybe something like this?. Or this?. It's pink!


Marlene said...

I hear ya...never been much of a X-trainer. I've tried some elliptical, but I always feel like I should be running. Haven't been on a bike since I was 12, haven't been in a pool (except to splash around with my niece) since I was 12.

Good luck... hope everything is loosened up and feeling better ASAP.

Sonia said...

I'm definitly one of those stubborn people who wants to run only too.... its hard when you love really one sports and you're sidelined!! My podiastrist think I shouldn't run on it until the cortisone injection but I'm keeping this on the downlow... lol I think I can still do 2-3 times a week 5Ks without big big issues. Aren't we mental to some extend?! lol