Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shoe Story

Top: Asics GT 2120 (both)
Bottom: Brooks Adrenaline GT-7, NB 767

Ah, shoes. Each pair has a story. I ran my 5k PB in the red 2120s. The other pair of 2120s were the ones that I wore for the marathon 10 days ago...and decided that I needed to change my shoe model. My feet hurt! I ran on my treadmill (PaceMaster Gold Elite) all winter in the Brooks...which is why they look so clean, even though they have been well-worn. I ran my 10k PB in the muddy New Balance shoes...and trekked through some spring mud in them as well. I think that it is time to donate some of my runners...I probably have another 2 or 3 pairs in the house somewhere.

I need a new pair of shoes. What brand will it be this time? I am thinking of going back to New Balance, as I seem to be having issues with the Asics that I have been wearing for so long now. Sadly, it appears that Holabird sports does not ship NB shoes to Canada anymore, so I will have to do some bargain hunting on this side of the border. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Gosh, I sure have a lot of time to blog when I'm sidelined from running! ;)

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laura said...

Yay shoe shopping! Sorry, dunno where to get your fancy running shoes!