Sunday, May 18, 2008


My chiropractor told me not to run this weekend, so I've been sad. I was hoping that I would be able to buy a bike so that at least I could cross-train, but no luck. Actually, the weather has been quite windy and rainy, so it hasn't been ideal cycling weather anyways.

I tried out the Trek 4500 mountain bike. I actually wanted to try out the 4300 which is a bit cheaper, but they didn't have the right size for me. It doesn't seem that easy to find an XS or 14" frame...blah for being short. I tried out an entry-level Devinci hybrid bike as well, but I didn't feel very stable on it.

Blah to not finding a bike, blah to the yucky weather and blah to my aching IT band. I really want to work out a training plan for summer races, but I'm not sure how long I'm going to be sidelined for. Instead of enjoying my leisure time, I am feeling lethargic, fat and sad (and's only been 2 weeks since the marathon!). Boo to injuries :(


Cliff said...

Any chance you can get a kid's bike?? :P

Karen T. said...

Get to the gym and ride a stationery bike! Keep active and you will be back to running in no time.

Marlene said...

Boo to injuries is right! I feel your pain. I was feeling like a fat lump of blah during my few weeks off after the chilly half (DAMN ITBS!)...hang in there.