Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blah days

I don't feel like I have much energy these days. I'm probably a little stressed out with wedding planning (107 days to go). I feel especially blah when it's very hot outside. Last sunday, after my run in the heat, I took a 3-hour nap! Not a very productive way to spend a Sunday. Even though I am happy to be running again, I am not highly motivated to start half marathon training. I guess that I will keep plugging away. What do you do when you're not feeling motivated?


Karen said...

Blah days are normal. I try to focus on the positive - how great you feel after a run, what a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself by staying physically fit, and that helps me get through those blah times. Hey you could a have heart condition or be in a wheelchair, so get out there and run! Enjoy the journey (the training), not just the final race. Once in awhile I leave my watch at home and just run for pleasure. It gives you different perspective on running.

anners said...

Thanks for the great advice, sis! ;) Yes, I definitely do appreciate having the ability to run!

Cliff said...

The heat can be brutal at times. I enjoy a good run in the woods. Even at times, when i am tired. Once I am out and about, i am fairly good.

Those 3 hour naps might be a sign that you are 'working' too hard on your body. Be taht work, training and *gulp* wedding planning. :o)

Yes u were there at my first was raining too...looksl ike this sun will rain as well =D

Kim said...

I have the Cumulus and LOVE them. Hope they work for you. I also have the exact same hand held bottle you posted. I really like mine. It just kinda 'hangs on'-you don't have to hold it. Hope you like them!