Sunday, June 29, 2008

Running with no time

Sometimes I wish that I could run on the treadmill during work meetings! It would sure make my day more efficient! :P

I had a tough week. I was busy, tired, not sleeping well and did I mention busy? I started taking a summer course with classes two afternoons a week, so that takes away two lunch hour opportunities to get a workout in. Evening workout time is being eaten up by studying. The bad thing is that my course (neuroanatomy) is highly time intensive and requires a ridiculous amount of reading to keep up. The good news is that it is only for five weeks, so it will be quick and painful. I think I managed to memorize the 12 cranial nerves today. I'm also at the 3-month countdown to my wedding and my to-do list is scary. Ack! Anyways...back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I didn't manage to get to the gym this week, but I got three runs done:

Tues - 40 min walk
Wed - 5k treadmill run with 12 min @ tempo pace (5:45/km), average pace 6:32/km
Fri - 4.25k/30 min run, HUMID, 7:03/km
Sun - 13k treadmill run, 1:33, 7:09/km

Totals: 22.25 km run, 0k bike, 0k swim

I know, I'm cross-training this week. I will have to be disciplined if I want to get into the gym or pool on my tight schedule for the next month. I intended to do 15 min at tempo pace during my Wednesday run, but my IT band started bothering me...boooo. Lately, I have found that 1) running fast and 2) running > 60 min irritates my IT band. I went back to my ART doctor on Thurs for some relief. And behold, I was able to run for an hour an a half today! With no walk breaks! I was only going to run for 8-10k, but I was feeling good, so I kept going. I'm hoping that I don't regret it tomorrow...

I went to a couple of bike shops over the weekend and tried out the Trek SU 1.0. I don't know anything about bikes, but it looks good and my friend said that the components are pretty good. I'm still uncertain, though. I guess I'm not serious enough to commit yet. I will keep looking for deals, though!


Marci said...

Wow, sounds like you have been crazy busy! Planning a wedding can be stressful. Good for you to be working out, it will melt away all of that stress! Have a good week!

Karen said...

Okay, there is always time for running. Here on the prairies the temperatures are in the 30's, so I have to get up at 4:00am to get in a decent run. This morning, well I did sleep in and by the time I got up it was already 17C. So, I cycled for 60 minutes. Not too bad of a workout. Tomorrow I will set my alarm and make sure I get up to run before it gets too hot! Have a good training week!

Sonia said...

Great week Ann despite being busy like hell! Happy to read about the 1h30 run! That's pretty nice =)

Hope the class will go well.