Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly training summary: June 16 - 22

Oops, I didn't get to the pool this week AGAIN :P

Tues - Brick workout: 30 min/12k stationary bike, 10 min/1 mile treadmill run, 6:15/km
Wed - 4.34km/30:00 run, 6:57/km
Sat - 5km/32:23 fartlek, 6:28/km
Sun - 10.15km/1:12:46 LSD, 7:10km

Totals: run 21.09km, bike 12km, swim 0km

Very happy to have my long run back into double digits, though I have to admit that the IT band is a little sore. It`s probably because I ran on back-to-back days, which I told myself I wouldn`t do. I might have to go back and see Dr. ART this week.

The fartlek was quite by accident. I dragged my fiance out for a run with me, thinking that we would jog for about 20min. We`re doing a 5k in two weeks and he hasn`t been exercising at all. However, he does not have the patience for distance running. He always starts off too fast and then has to take frequent (and long) walk breaks. So, I ran fast with him and jogged back and forth while he was taking his long walk breaks :P Believe me, I have tried to teach him about pacing before, but he just wants to run fast!

If I don`t get back to the pool, I`m going to have to add in a second bike workout, I think. I feel like I should cross-train at least twice a week.


Adrienne! said...

love your blog. its nice to see people working toward a goal.
i started teaching fitness classes in toronto about a year ago. i find it is really motivating for me because its a job, and i am required to be there. no chances to be lazy or flake out on my workouts!
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i am working part time for a company that sends out products for review. i have one in particular that you may be really interested in!
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Sonia said...

Don't go out too fast missy!!! You don'T want to be on the injury list again! I miss those double digits long runs...

Karen said...

Hey, it sounds like you are getting back to it. My runs have been interesting lately. Lots of wildlife along my running routes - coyote, red fox, white-tail deer. I guess it makes the running more interesting to see the animals. My cycling really seems to help with building my endurance. Keep training!

Marci said...

Looks like you are building back up nicely, those are some decent paces. Keep up the good work!

Marlene said...

Interesting way to squeeze in some "speed play" - looking good!

Sonia said...

Eh what's up Lady!?