Friday, July 11, 2008


I've been very busy this week and didn't manage to get any workouts done. I finally took Suzi out for a spin today. I was really excited to get out on the bike! I rode 15km in about 46 min followed by a 3k run on the treadmill. I love brick workouts...they feel great! I started to wonder today if I can work up the guts to enter a duathlon. I'm not very confident on the bike, my turns are terrible (wide and awkward), and I am slow. My bike pace today was less than 20km/h, which would put me in last place in the bike portion of any race. And, I thought that I was working reasonably hard!

That made me fast do people go during a training ride? For running, I know that my training pace on a "normal" run (i.e., not a tempo run or fartlek) is considerably slower than my race pace, but I have no idea if I can go much faster on the bike.

Oh, and I also learned a newbie cyclist lesson today: don't wear loose capris when riding, or they might get caught in the chain. Oops :P


Sonia said...
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Sonia said...

Hey duathlete in progress! =)

I agree, brick workouts are a lot of fun! I even like going to pool and coming back on my bike (what the heck is going on with us?!) lol

I also ride pretty slowly, training bike rides are just like yours 19-21 km/h. I find it hard to go very fast outside when there are lights, stops, lots of turns, slow people biking, runners etc... I mean I don't want to end up hurting someone or myself because I wanted to speed it up on the cycling path lol

Trix loves to do duathlons you should talk to her about it!

As far, as tomorrow's race I haven't talked about this on RM at all! And only one post on my blog a while back.... I am scared to tell people!! lol Only Trix and Lisa (lonerunner) know about it... oh yeah and you! My stomach has been a mess today... Wish me luck!

ps I deleted the above post... proofreading is mandatory for me!!