Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekly training summary and lessons learned

My week was nutty. I had work stress and school stress. I wrote my midterm on Thursday, which covered the 14 chapters that we have gone through in the first 2.5 weeks of the course...seriously! Am I really supposed to memorize 14 chapters?? I sacrificed sleep and my workout time to study this week, but I still think that I bombed the exam. Boo. I went for a 30-min massage on Wednesday to get my shoulders and back worked RMT commented that I had "studentitis!"

I was hoping to get a workout done on Thursday after my test, but I was just too exhausted. So, here are my weekend workouts:

Friday: Brick - 15k/46min bike, followed by a 3k/20min treadmill run (run pace 6:40/km)
Saturday: Leisurely bike ride with Tony, 10.36km/37:23
Sunday: 12.25km/1:32 LSD, 7:30/km

Totals: 15.25km run, 25.35km bike

Lessons learned this week:
- I can't expect to train well when I am stressed and doing a lot of work outside of normal work hours. I might think that I can squeeze in a 30 min workout here and there, but when my mind is stressed, my body is tired. I have to be realistic.
- Eating well is so important!! I actually got Tony to cook for me this week, which was a lifesaver...otherwise, I probably would have eaten instant noodles, microwave popcorn and other junk.
- Don't expect your long run to be easy when you biked on back-to-back days before it. Someday, I might reach the point where 10-15km bike rides are easy, but I am not there yet. My long run was definitely a struggle today. The hot weather didn't help, either.

I think that my long runs are on target for building up a good base for the Queen City Half. However, my speed is definitely lacking. I was thinking during my run today that I might want to enter a 10-15k race sometime in August to test out my fitness level. The best opportunity would probably be A Midsummer Night's Run, but we're going to a wedding on that day. I'll have to keep my eyes open for something else.


Marci said...

Good for you for biking so much. Definately enter a duoathleton! I am considering midsummers night as well, but I have heard negative things about that race.

Sonia said...

Every time I see Queen city half, I'm getting excited that you'Re coming to Quebec city too.. but yeah it's not really in the same province! LOL

Hope this week is better!