Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding taper madness?

I ran 9k today...longest run in awhile. This is both good and bad...good that I can still run for an hour without pooping out, but bad because a 9k LSD isn't up to my usual mileage standards. It is funny how things change...9k would have seemed impossible just 4 years ago!

I'm getting married on Saturday and have started feeling quite antsy. My uber-organized personality has everything lined up and ready to last-minute favour wrapping and program printing for me! This is good, right? Yes and no. I'm off work now, so I may end up having too much time on my hands. And, similar to when I'm tapering for a race and my free time is not filled up with training, I'm spending money! I'm not sure how widespread the idea of "taper shopping" is with the general running population, but it is certainly common in the Running Mania world. No, I didn't really need the expensive aisle runner, dress for my bacherlorette party and the flowers that I ordered to have delivered to my house for the rehearsal dinner. Nor did I need to get a manicure when I am getting another one the day before the wedding. Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially suffering from wedding taper madness. Heck, maybe I'll end up doing an abnormal amount of running this week!!!

A shout out to Marlene who is running her first marathon this coming weekend. You go, girl! Your training has been awesome, and you are so ready to rock this race!!


Melanie said...

wow! good luck getting through the week, and i wish you all the best on your wedding day and forever!!

Marlene said...

Aw thanks Ann! I really appreciate it.

I'll be thinking of you on Saturday and wishing you a beautiful wedding day. I'm sure it will be perfect!

Try to enjoy your week and save some moolah for the honeymoon. ;)

Marci said...

I am so excited for you! It is so special to have so many loved ones around you for one day. I hope you have a beautiful day! All the best!

Sonia said...

We will need to see some pic Lady!!! So excited for you and Tony =)