Monday, November 17, 2008

Taming the beast...and training

Some people have told me that raising is puppy is harder than a newborn baby. Puppies are mobile from the start, and they get into everything. They chew, they bark, they pee and poo on the floor. But how can you stay mad when you see this face?

Since we are at work all day and poor Lily is stuck in her crate, I hate putting her in there after I get home. But that means I need to keep an eye on her while I cook and clean and attend to anything else. Running? Forget it. Since hubby is often on the computer taking care of work issues in the evening, I have no choice but to put Lily in her crate while I run on the treadmill. And I feel terrible. I think the longest I have run since we brought her home is 45min. Yes, I actually feel guilty for running, because I am neglecting the puppy!

The guilty feeling will go away, I think. But what about the lack of sleep? My little monster will only stay quiet for 6 hours during the night. Yes, weekends too! That doesn't leave me with much energy to run after working, commuting, taking care of the house and her. *sigh* Eventually, she will be worked into my exercise routine. Not for probably a year though...gotta let her little puppy bones grow first.

Oh, the sacrifices we make for our furry friends! We love her, though...even when she's being a monster :)


Marci said...

She's a real cutie. I don't have a puppy, but that sounds like alot of work, but lots of fun.

Sonia said...

She's adorable Ann! I'd love to see her and hug her.

She'll get use to the crate and not find it like a prison over time. I leave Rocky's crate door open during the day and sometimes we wonder where he is, and he's just sleeping in there.

Good luck taking care of your little fur baby! =) She'll become a great runner.

Lily on the Road said...

OMG, she is just soooo sweet!! I love her name by the way LOL!

She'll need lots of play time before you hit the treadmill, then she can nap while you run! Puppies do take up a lot of time, but they give so much Love back!

Cliff said...


very cute...will she be ur new running buddy??

Kelodie said...

I keep telling Jake "you're lucky you're so cute!". ;-)

Hang in there, it will get better.