Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas goodies

Santa was very good to everyone in my household this year, especially me!

Santa brought me a Kinetic Road Machine bike trainer. I can't wait to try it out! I am waiting for hubby to set me up in the basement with a screen so that I can plug my laptop in and watch DVDs (workouts or movies) while I ride. Although I can tolerate treadmill running for hours, I don't have the same kind of patience for stationary biking. My limit is about 30-40min. However, I guess I've never really spent more than an hour on my bike, even outside. In the meantime, Lily has been using it as her chew toy...(just kidding...we've moved it to her off-limits area!)

I still have to run 31km in the next 5 days to meet my December goal. Doable, but it may be a little painful. My body is not used to that kind of mileage right now. We'll see.


Cliff said...

if u got 3 hr.u can cramp that 31 km in one shot :o)

My limit on the bike trainer right now is 20 is equivalent of one episode of Arrested Development... I am going to go a bit longer...a few hours :D

Sonia said...

Awesome! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I got one for Christmas too, my longest time on it was 40 mins so far. But with a good book I found I am good to go.

Mine is in the garage so no access to a tv or DVD....