Monday, December 29, 2008

Mileage increase

Setting a December mileage goal has certainly helped me to find my lost mojo. I've logged 82.5km so far this month, so reaching 100km is definitely possible. However, I'm hurting a little bit. Why? Let's look at my training stats:

Aug - 90.48km
Sep - 51.66km
Oct - 71.54km
Nov - 66.23km
Dec - 82.5km (to date)

Boo to that. I like to keep my mileage at around 100km/month, even when I'm not training for a specific event. I've been doing well this month, but my legs are feeling it. "They" say that you shouldn't increase your mileage more than 10% per week. I ran 18km 2 weeks ago, then 32.5km last week. Oops. So today, I am taking a rest day. I might do an easy spin on the trainer, though. Hubby set it up beside the treadmill for me:

Woohoo, now I can do brick workouts all winter long! It feels good to be on my bike again :)

Whether I meet my 100km goal or not, I feel like I am in good shape to start training for Around the Bay. :)


Marlene said...

That is quite an increase. Awesome job this month! Hope you're feeling good tomorrow after taking a day off from running.

ATB, here you come! Maybe I can finally meet you there. :)

Melanie said...

Me too! I'm hoping to run ATB provided that my legs done give me more problems since the stress fractures i had at the Duathlon! this time if i see you i will be sure to call out Anners! :)

Cliff said...

good thing about the bike is that u can ride a lot and ur legs will recover quickly.

Yes ATB is right around the corner.right i need to start running again :P

Sonia said...

You'll love your bike trainer. I really enjoy mine, I really prefer reading to waching tv... well not when I am doing speedwork! But for the easy rides.

Trixiee and I are teaming for ATB!! 15K here I come!