Saturday, January 17, 2009

Any run is better than no run

As I was getting my daily dose of the Running Mania forums today, I came across an interesting thread. Someone pointed out a blog post titled Is a Two-Mile Run Worth the Bother?. The post (from my understanding) refers to using short workouts to supplement your mileage without placing too much strain on your body. I know that when I am training for a marathon, I start to adopt the mentality that any run that is less than 5-6km isn't worth the time. Looks like I need to change my way of thinking :)

The post also made me think of the 2-mile workouts that I am currently doing...because that's about all I have been doing lately (still trying to figure out what's going on with my body...and yes I will be going to the doctor soon!). I feel pretty unhappy that I can't handle more than that at this time, but on the bright side, at least I haven't given up. I think that building from a low mileage base is a lot easier than starting over from scratch, no? Thankfully, I am still motivated to exercise...I'm just finding it a little more challenging than usual. It looks like ATB might be a no-go, though, unless things get better fast :(


Marlene said...

Sorry to hear about your ongoing troubles. I hope you can get some answers (and get better) soon.

And yes, I think a 2-miler (or even less!) is still worth it. Although, probably not worth the effort to bundle up for a short run in these temperatures. But on the treadmill, why not?! Keep it up.

Cliff said...

There is certain wisdom to junk miles.

..during the build to TO Marathon last year, there are certain runs where i cut short and if necessary, i don't run. My key runs, hill running, long runs plus intervals were increasing to a distance that my body cannot absorb anymore.

So the 'easy' runs is more beneficial by not running at all.

...right now, i am not building anything and every run helps. Even those 20 min runs. These little runs won't lead me to injury and I can absorb them pretty quickly.


Cliff said...

:)..the good news is that u don't relaly start from scratch i mean from the point before u become a crazy runner :P....

do see the doc.. :D